Join the AKF University Challenge!

The AKF University Challenge is a thrilling journey that spans three rounds of intense competition, one for each term. It’s like a blend of The Apprentice, University Challenge, and Dragons Den, with the semi-finalists battling it out on Iqra TV, Iqra Bangla, and Islam TV.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the AKF University Challenge this year? Brace yourself for an electrifying competition that will ignite the minds of students all over the UK. It’s your chance to prove your mettle, develop an impact project, fundraise and get through each round until you reach the semi finals which will be broadcast on Iqra TV, Iqra Bangla and Islam TV.

The AKF University Challenge is not just a quiz show, it involves volunteering, developing great ideas and raising lots of money to help the poor, it’s an adventure. Imagine students from universities across the UK coming together to test their fundraising skills, knowledge, make invaluable connections, and experience the thrill of live TV on Iqra Urdu and Islam TV.

Calling all students from more than 100 universities across the UK! We invite you to form your dream team and dive into this exciting new University Challenge. AKF University Challenge is the ultimate tournament for university societies, and it’s your chance to shine.

Gather your squad of 10 brilliant minds and gear up to compete against other universities on the big screen. But it’s not just about glory; it’s an opportunity to change lives. The winning team gets the chance to be deployed overseas to implement one of our projects aimed at helping the poor and less fortunate.

Are you ready to take on this epic challenge? Gather your team, embrace the excitement, and be part of the AKF University Challenge – where knowledge meets adventure!


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